How To Become A Network Marketing Top Earner

If you’ve recently joined the network marketing world, or are considering doing such, you’re probably already aware that there are those at the very top and many of those who wish they were. It’s no secret that wishing alone won’t make you a top earner in the network marketing world; those spots are reserved for those who preserve, work hard and are consistently passionate about making their new business a top priority.

Of course, those who are top earners now weren’t always at their current level. Those who are top earners tend to do things differently from the network marketing amateurs. If you’re really serious about thriving in network marketing, here are some key tips for doing just that:

Focus First on Relationships

Those who are new to network marketing are often consumed with recruiting others or making a sale, and this obsession is evident when those in recruitment turn resistent. Instead of spamming your friend’s email inboxes and over-posting on social media, take a page out of the top earners’ book and focus first on building relationships with others.

Seek to make friendships and learn more about others and as you do so you may find out what another person does for a living and share what you do as well. By focusing on the person first you’ll find that they’ll be more likely to be interested in you as well and more apt to learn more about your business.

Top earners understand this concept and focus their energy primarily on building genuine relationships with others and going from there. Their network is usually full of people who are more than just recruits; they’re friends.

Resist an Outcome-Only Mentality

With amateur network marketers, every possible prospect determines whether they are a success or an outright failure and that kind of pressure makes it hard to really rise above. The top earners are a little more relaxed in their mentality and recognize that people are going to tell them “no” everyday and that it’s just part of the business. They understand that their job isn’t simply selling or recruiting but it’s more about educating others and forming connections. When you’re able to change your mindset from that of, “Sell, sell, sell” or, “Recruit, recruit, recruit” to that of being an information provider, things begin to click. Simon Abboud, an ACN Circle of Champions member, stands by this mantra: “I try never to think of what I will do next week or next month, but always today”.

Approach others with the idea that you have something of value to share and options to give them that can provide new freedom and financial success to their lives. Look at your position from the standpoint of sharing something that might help others. If they accept your proposal or not, it doesn’t mean rejection for you.

Move Out of Your Comfort Zone

When you start out, your market might include those you’re most comfortable with: family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and social media connections. After a while, however, you’ll have exhausted your connections in these markets in which you’re most comfortable and it will be time to expand your reach. Many amateurs begin to feel uncomfortable at this point and aren’t sure how to move forward. Top earners are always looking for ways to generate new leads and find new prospects through consistent effort. Try to have new prospects in the pipeline before exhausting the connections you already have and constantly build your audience.

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