Mobile Marketing For Your MLM Business

Lead generation (the marketing process of using digital channels) has changed a lot in the last few decades. Not long ago, marketers needed to focus on outgoing methods in order to reach their customers. Now, marketers must focus on being found by their customers using inbound methods. This shift in technique has changed the marketing landscape and affects how your business will successfully tap into new, high-quality leads.

This is especially true when it comes to mobile marketing methods. Having constant and instant contact between you and your customers is an important relationship builder. You are better able to understand their needs and wants. You can learn their personalities and behaviors. You are able to communicate easily and clearly. You are with them wherever they go. Think about the potential!

The Significance of High Quality

Using mobile marketing is a great way to reach a lot of people. However, that’s not necessarily the best goal to have in mind. A much better goal is to reach the most people who are ALSO most likely to shift from “lead” status to “customer” status. To do that, you need to focus on reaching only high-quality leads. Doing so will speed up the conversion rate, increase productivity, and reduce your total marketing costs.

A high-quality lead is identified when it includes a combination of relative customer information such as demographics (or firmographics in the case of companies), purchasing activity, and multiple types of correct contact information.  

Once you’ve gathered your high-quality leads, you are in a much better position to tailor and optimize your mobile marketing efforts to convert those leads into profits.

Creative Ways of Mobile-Marketing Your MLM Business

The method of marketing for a multi level marketing business such as ACN, Mary Kay, or Amway is similar to the method of marketing for any other type of business. However, mobile marketing takes it a step further by helping the most relevant prospects find you, rather than you trying to find them. To do this successfully, you must make yourself visible at the right place and at the right time.

Try the following creative ways to get more online attention:

  • Viral videos are a great way to get your brand out to the public. They are short, to the point, and fun. Plus, they have a little something extra that makes people want to share it (through their mobile devices) with their friends.
  • Create a mobile app for your business that can be downloaded by your customers and used offline. Make the app fun and creative by playing catchy music, showing fun graphics, and offering interactive games. Be sure it works across all mobile platforms (Apple, Android).
  • Take advantage of the constancy of customers checking their personal social media sites. Regularly and frequently post new information, updates, promotions, pictures, videos, surveys, games, and fun anecdotes to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.
  • Use simple, brief text messages (possibly including promotional codes) to effectively get your message out to a lot of leads at once.

Optimization Tips for Mobilization

There are some specific things you must keep in mind to be successful when marketing on mobile devices.

  • If you have a webpage, you MUST design it to be mobile friendly. This means the page fits fully on the device’s screen so there is limited scrolling up and down and no scrolling left and right. Use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to see how your page will be viewed on a mobile device.
  • Simplify, simplify, simplify. This applies to graphics, menus, paragraphs, and submission forms.
  • Make it easy for a customer to take action. Give them pertinent information first. Use large buttons and integrate links to any additional information they may need.

By tapping into the mobile marketplace, the potential of high-quality lead generation for your MLM business is endless.


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