7 Personality Traits That Make Great Network Marketers


Passionate people can make things that seem impossible happen.  If you are going to get involved with a network marketing company,  get involved with one that you are really passionate about. Of course, you’ll always get the naysayers that say ‘ACN is a scam‘ or ‘Mary Kay preys off women’. Don’t listen to them.  Chances are if you are passionate about it, other people will be too. The second part to being passionate is being enthusiastic. In most cases these two go together and it is important that your enthusiasm and passion of the product or service you are selling is apparent.


In order to be a successful network marketer, you need to be determined. You need to be able to set measurable goals for yourself and be determined enough to accomplish them day after day and week after week. Discipline is also important.  If you have set goals, but don’t have the discipline to achieve them, you will never move up in the company or make the money you thought you would when you started.

Relationship builder

You are probably able to think of someone who can make a friend in any grocery store line or at whatever gas station they enter. The trait can be extremely helpful for a network marketer. With no inhibition and fear to talk to strangers, you are able to build a lot more connections and expand your network immensely. This business is all about who you know and who you talk to.  If you are able to talk to anyone about the business you are in, and your passion and love for the product is real, you are likely to gain a lot more customers than people who prefer to keep to themselves.


The ability to see things before you have it is really important in network marketing. You need to be able to picture yourself 5, 10, 20 years down the road with your company. How strong is your vision? If it’s lacking, start finding ways to really picture what you are wanting in your future.


Each direct selling companies have something that makes them unique.  The key to being able to sell that uniqueness is knowing all about it.  They say knowledge is power and it’s true. It is a continual process to be knowledgeable in your company.  Most network marketing companies like ACN provide workshops, books, and other services to help you gain specialized knowledge in recruiting, building a team, motivating others and selling the product.

Strong Work Ethic

No matter the company whether it is makeup, kitchen supplies or direct selling telecommunications, you have to be willing to work hard if you expect to make money.  There is no such thing as a get rich scheme.  Being apart of a Multi-Level Marketing company give you potential to make money but only if you have your own strategies on how to get there.  You have to put in a lot of work to get connections to know about the product and then to end up buying the product from you. People have made millions in a single year, but it wasn’t without hardships like some top IBO’s explain when asked for their reviews of ACN.


Someone who has the ability to sell or persuade another person to buy a product definitely has a leg up when it comes to network marketing. It can be hard to try to sell people on things, so the people who are naturals at it are lucky.  You can learn tactics on how to sound authentic when you are talking about the things you are selling.  Over time, you will be more comfortable and will become more influential.

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